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Lifestyle Optimization

FreshVanilla provides a fresh new look and a holistic view of lifestyle optimization. First of all – its starts with you and gives you access, resources and information on how to improve your health, fitness, wealth, and mindset/spirituality. Our unique program provides a highly efficient balance of timely resources that pinpoint the different facets of your life, for you to use at your pace and on your terms.


FreshVanilla is the first email-only lifestyle optimization program in the World.  After years of extensive research and field work in personal development, health, fitness, finance, wealth management and spirituality – we provide a simple clear-cut program and resources to help you up your game.

We deliver a fresh and simple outline of information and inspiration in family friendly, easy to read weekly emails to keep with the pace of your everyday life.  Even better – there are no app downloads, software to maintain or accounts to set up.

Originally launched as an exclusive invitation-only service – FreshVanilla is finally making itself available to the broader public.  Join Us!

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